March 20, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Recycling program could use some help


---- — Recycling program could use some help

Something needs to be done about Logansport’s curbside recycle program. You can always see a empty milk carton, two liter bottle, right along with papers of all sorts on the city’s streets. The empty bag flags that dangles in the trees as the wind blows. You might find one out of 10 people who might pick up the trash and not walk over it. Making it look like there are many who do not mind looking at our street pollution. There are the ones who do not correctly know how to use the polluting recycle boxes supplied to make Logansport a greener place.

There is a very simple solution to keep this town from looking like a dump full of polluted recyclable runaways. They are called totes with a lid, like the ones we are given to put our trash in. Yes, the container cost much more than the polluting boxes given now causing a big trashy look threw out this town. Yes, the recycle worker who picks up the stuff will have to use a lift to dump the container like the trash man. No more throwing the recycle box once it is empty in the yard every week. There will be a lot less recycle trash blowing through this town if a bigger container with a lid is given. They could be picked up every other week in neighborhoods to balance the labor change.

Until there is a change in our failing curbside recycle program our streets will continue the dumpy look they have! I hope they will recycle our old polluting useless plastic recycle containers. By doing so the ones in charge of this city’s recycling program will give this town a new cleaner look and looking like they care about their neglected problem! They create pollution the residents and visitors of Logansport get to see seven days a week.

Old Woodsy the Owl should make a come back and say, “We give a hoot, our recycle containers don’t pollute?”

It never hurts to be dreamer, after all that is how the recycling program was started in the first place. Dreaming of making the world a greener place and less going to the landfill. We all know how big our waste mountain of Logansport would be if we did not have the recycling program that pollutes our city’s streets now. Wow!

Larry Hayden Jr.