February 12, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: The ongoing debate of less for more

— First, the Pharos-Tribune drops delivery from 7 days a week down to 6 days a week. But did my subscription costs drop by 8.5 percent? No, they didn’t go down at all.

Coca Cola reduced the size of its 24 oz. bottles to 16.9 oz. But, did the price go down? No, it actually remained almost exactly the same. Their “sales” used to be four  6-packs of 24 oz. bottles for $10. Now their “sales” consist of four six-packs of 16.9 oz bottles for $11. What a deal! But their products, costs and manufacturing practices are their business. There are plenty of alternate choices and I don’t own any Coke stock.

During the last several elections, the “representatives” that have been elected (all parties) have not accomplished much except for increasing the number of government employees, increasing the number of those needing and receiving government assistance to survive, raising everybody’s taxes (except probably their own), and providing less and less meaningful legislation. They can’t even agree if somebody should have to prove they are a U.S. citizen before being allowed to vote. And through all this, it was decided by some guru that the average citizen’s cost-of-living didn’t go up, but that of all the congresspersons did, so they are the ones to got their COLA while we got the SHAFT.

And now the U.S. Postal Service has just decided to drop one day from the scheduled delivery of class A mail. And this just shortly after raising the price of the Forever stamps. So basically the costs and services to the average postal customer have been raised and reduced respectively.

I will close with this thought. Kids are being slaughtered more often than ever before, especially in larger groups. In nearly every instance of these mass killings, they were perpetrated by someone playing with less than a full deck of cards. Some have committed previous acts of violence, but those who should have noticed, did not. And now, a large number want more gun control laws added to the 9,000 already on the books. They want more background checks

Well, if the background checks being proposed are no more stringent than the background check used to check the eligibility of those wanting to run for president, then Congress is just wasting more of their time than they already have.

Jack Fultz