January 6, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Logan building commish ‘what’s best’

— This is in response to the article in the Jan. 1 edition of the Pharos-Tribune titled “Drinkwine excels in new role.” Well of course Mayor Franklin in going to sing the praises of the guy who is doing the dirty work that is so badly needed by the city. As a property manager of over 60 units, not all of them in the best condition, I find Mr. Drinkwine tough, fair and easy to get in touch with. This guy will actually answer his phone and if not you will get a call back. I know someday he and I will disagree and I may be sorry that I’ve written this letter (LOL) but I will still believe that Mr. Drinkwine in his current position is what’s best for Logansport. He seems like the kind of guy made for this position. I’m really enjoying the upward trend that I see MY town taking.      

Steve Schwering