February 2, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters for Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014


---- — Columnist should readthe U.S. Constitution

I believe that Vicki Williams should have subtitled her Jan. 23 column, “United States of Me,” with “Bring back the USSR.”

She stated if she was a dictator, well her fifteen points would suit a dictator well. Each of her points would take a book to discuss, which is not applicable here. A suggestion for Ms. Williams and all others would be for her to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights word for word and only word for word, with no imaginary or made up words and meanings. Also a study of the Roman Empire and the changes that were made in and to their government which caused it to collapse in a mere 40 years after 400 years of dominance of the known world of their time.

David BandelierMacy

Braving the elementsin hopes of saving a life

As we are all aware, the winter weather has taken a toll on our day-to-day activities, with school, church and business cancellations and closings.

In the first part of January, the American Red Cross was also forced to cancel numerous blood drives due to the inclement weather. This has resulted in a loss of thousands and thousands of units of blood across our region. However, the need for blood is constant, regardless of the amount of snow, wind or the temperature.

On behalf of myself and the American Red Cross, I would like to extend a special “Thank You” to the Logansport Elks Lodge #66 for its recent support it showed to us, despite the sub-zero temperatures. Our local schools were closed, but the Elks Lodge stepped up to the plate and hosted its blood drive anyway.

Not only did members host their scheduled drive, but they went above and beyond in recruiting donors to ensure that we achieved our goal for the day. Not only did we achieve our goal, but we were able to exceed the goal by several units. My most sincere thanks and appreciation goes to Don Raderstorf and Ken Shaffer from the Elks for supporting this drive when it would have been easier to cancel; to Amy Roland for coordinating this event time after time for us and always doing an exceptional job; and to Kim Wolf for volunteering her time to help out with registration and canteen.

But most of all, a huge thank you to all of you generous donors who came out to donate blood and support our mission to help save lives through blood donation. Your support helped us to potentially save 90 lives. Thank you!

Sarah MossAmerican Red Cross, Logansport

Let’s take a long, hard look at who’s leading us

With all the things that are not going on in our government these days, I would like to see a poll of how many people watch the State of the Union Address last night. With a president that has a approval rating of 49 percent and a Congress that has a 13 percent rating, I think that it is very hard for people these days to be very interested in much of anything that is going on in our nation’s capital.

What really struck me was how they were all looking like rich and happy people that they must be. All the women had beautiful outfits and perfect hair. All the men had expensive suits and fresh haircuts. Everyone was smiling, greeting each other and patting each other on the back. I got the impression that these were a group of people that worked together and really enjoyed each other’s company. I think that anyone who is following what is not happening in Washington knows that this is not the case.

I want to confess as I continue, I voted twice for this president and I support most of his agenda. For him to be blamed that nothing is being done to get our country back on its feet is ridiculous. This Congress and Senate cannot get together and agree on one thing that could be sent to the president for his approval or disapproval. It is said that the second term of a president is a lame duck session. I would have to say that his five years in office have been a lame duck session. I think that his only really big accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, will be the only one thing that he will be remembered for. Oh, did I mention that Congress has voted 40 times to try and repeal that. The president said if the Congress couldn’t get anything done, he would resort to signing what is called an executive order to move anything forward. Well Congress doesn’t like that. Now he doesn’t want to work with them. What are these guys and gals, a bunch of fourth-graders!

I don’t know about you, but I am so fed up with these clowns. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, whatever, we need to take a long hard look at all them and decide if we really want them taking care of our country and our future.

Steve Hartoin


America needs to wake up and pay attention

We the people are supposed to be the government, but we don’t have that right anymore. We are no longer a democracy! Instead, we have a country run by wealthy corporations or just wealth, and the radical tea party gang. We have many un-Americans who refuse to pay their fair share of taxes. If you don’t like our taxation, leave the country. No more privatization — it costs double and less service. Vote out the obstructers and radical tea party members, with no pay for obstructing.

Wake up people, we can’t keep putting up with this. Vote them out! No more free trade agreements that lose our jobs and put money in our Congress people’s pockets.

It might stop some violence if people had jobs, food, housing and even hope. It sure isn’t right to take these away. But who thinks you care? I even met a woman who said she wouldn’t care if she got Alzheimer’s disease because the country is going so bad! Talk about desperate.

Millicent Wooten