July 27, 2012

Public forum

Parking ticket isn’t big news

On July 24, the Pharos-Tribune's front page news was about the mayor of Logansport getting a ticket for parking in a no parking zone.

There were also pictures of where the mayor had parked his vehicle and where he had made himself a parking space at the City Building.

Are you kidding me? I cannot believe that the Pharos-Tribune has stooped to such a childish level to put this on the front page. Any other person’s name would have been in the police reports.

I also can’t believe how childish the officials of our local government are acting. They are supposed to be taking care of the community and its citizens, but it Is obvious that all they have time for is playing childish games (he said she said, so I’ll get even). Seriously. Grow up.

Janice Emmons, Logansport