July 24, 2012

Public forum

Board’s disbanding lacks explanation

To whom it may concern: Imagine my shock at the Pharos-Tribune article that informed us of the immediate disbanding of the Cass County Parks Board and firing of Sandy Heckard.

I served on the Cass County Parks Board for 14 years and was board president for several of those years. Due to retirement and relocation, I resigned from the board last November. However, because I could do so electronically, I continued to maintain (at no cost to the county) the park’s website — though technical problems persisted.

This letter serves to let the powers-that-be know that I immediately am resigning from any further connection with France Park. To be associated with the coup that suddenly overthrew those caring individuals, both employee and board members, is just too painful.

One question: What was so “broke” at the park that demanded such drastic, sudden action? If it was in the Pharos-Tribune article, I missed it.

Gary Smith, Avon


Obama gets more than he deserves

It seems that every time Obama sticks his foot in his mouth, something “tragic” happens to pull attention away from him. The latest example is the Colorado massacre shortly after he started catching heat from both sides of the aisle for making the statement that “If you own a business, you didn't build it. Somebody else made that happen.”

What a dumbfounding statement. Has Joe Biden been playing with Obama's teleprompter again?

This may be true in Obama's case, because he really has never done anything to be where he is in life. Did he earn the Nobel Prize?

No. Was he a good senator? No. Did he even vote on many bills when he was in the Senate? No.

He has had everything given to him. A phony birth certificate, a phony Social Security card, an education that nobody can find anything about. A social life as a teenager that is non-existent. A presidency given to him by voter intimidation and voter fraud. More vacations than any two or three presidents combined.

His actions and words are fed to him by George Soros. His speeches are given to him by a teleprompter.

A conservative Supreme Court judge has given him an unconstitutional health-care plan which neither he nor anybody else in Congress will be forced to accept. A corrupt attorney general has given him free rein to enforce some laws and ignore others. And judges across America have given him a pass on his inelligibility to be president in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

What will he have given to him next? A free and clear deed to 1600 N. Pennsylvania Avenue? I sure hope not!

Jack Fultz, Logansport


State should make intersection safer

Seems like we're still having car crashes out there at new U.S. 24 and 600 East. Can we get a bid to have an overpass put in like they're building out on Ind. 25 South or get a stop light put in?

Rex Gangloff, Logansport