December 20, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013


---- — Working to continue helping those in need

United Way of Cass County Indiana has made a decision to remove Mental Health America in Cass County as a member agency after over 60 years of service ... We have been informed by their Executive Committee and Board of Directors that we no longer are an effective and efficient agency to serve the unmet needs of people in our community with mental illness.

For those donors in our community that expressed discontent with the funds they have given UWCC for our agency: We are very sorry that our job performance has disappointed you. When we walk in to do our job each day, we enter with the intention to do the best job possible. Many times the people we work for are disgruntled by our decisions. The job is trying at best. We do have many situations where we are thanked by our clients and community people. This makes the rough times worth all of it.

This decision by the United Way decreases our income by over 40 percent. This is a huge loss for our organization. Our Board of Directors will be meeting and discussing possible ways to generate income and continue the advocacy for people with mental illness we so strongly believe in.

As of Dec. 31, 2013, we will be on our own as an agency. We sill still be a 501(c)3 able to accept all items needed for the people we serve and any financial donations gifted to us by people in the community. Mid-December we received a generous contribution from an anonymous donor through Security Federal Bank believing we do a great service for people with mental illness. Caring people like this will assist us in giving valuable services to people otherwise lost in our community.

For all of those people who have supported us by way of any means, we thank you and continue to ask for your ongoing support. Your contribution may be made out to: Mental Health America of Cass County, 421 12th St., Logansport, IN, 46947.

God bless all of you and have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

Karen L. Waldron

MHA executive director

Agency helps keep a man on his feet

I came to Logansport four years ago. I have two daughters that live in this town. Mental Health America of Cass County helped me get a place to live and budget my money. They have helped me pay off all of my bills and get things I have needed for a long time. When I have been sick, they have supported me and done many things to help me survive. I have a car now and can do many things to help myself.

When I have needed financial help, they have been there because people with my illness and background are not able to get loans from banks. I have heard many people yell at Karen [Waldron, executive director of MHACC] for stealing their money. This is not true. They will show you your QuickBooks statement and bank statement any time you want to see it.

It is really hard to live on $710 a money. Tt goes fast. I know if Mental Health America were not here, I would lose everything I have. Mental Health America is a place I feel safe and accepted.

United Way needs to give their funding back. They don’t know and don’t care how much the Mental Health helps people.

Rich Humm


Some don’t hear thank you enough

A simple thank you is sometimes good enough for some people in recognition for a job well done to show them your appreciation. I want to take an opportunity to thank several people in our community to let them know that I sincerely appreciate their service. Our local, county, state police officers and dispatchers; our local men and women firefighters; our city street department and state highway department; our utilities employees for keeping power to our homes; and our men and women of our military. We take all these things for granted, thank you all!

I especially want to thank and recognize all the employees of Logansport Memorial Hospital. People of the medical field too often go unnoticed and not recognized enough for their service.

On Nov. 30, I had to make an unplanned visit to the emergency room, I was having a heart attack. It was literally only seconds that went by before the ER personnel had me stabilized and within minutes on my way to the Heart Center in Carmel.

These people have become my heroes and I thank them from the “bottom of my heart.” Dr. Bryman, Andy Homburg, Cheri Shively, Bryan Dixson and Bob Zimmerman. Thank you for saving my life. I will always be indebted to you. Again thank each and every one, and God bless you all!!

Louie Canal


Resident concerned about the proposed power plant

I was sorry to read that the Cass County commissioners tabled ordinances that would have protected us from dangerous emissions from the Pyrolyzer incinerator that the city wants to build. Air pollution from the incinerator will be bad for our county. Besides the odor that we will have to put up with, it will be bad for our health. I went to the lecture by Dr. Kreilein, at Memorial Hospital, where she talked about the health effects of small particles and dioxins from incinerators, especially for newborn babies and people with respiratory or heart conditions. She also talked about how dioxins affect men’s testosterone. Dioxin is what makes Agent Orange so bad.

The Pyrolyzer incinerator will use 3 millions gallons of water a day, but we do not know how clean that water will be when they dispose of it. They can’t put it in the Wabash River — it would kill the fish. They can’t put it into the Teays River as Lafayette and Purdue gets all their drinking water from it. They can’t spray it on the ground as the dioxin in it would contaminate the soil which would put it in the food chain.

The Pyrolyzer company does not have a proven record of a successful plant operating any place in the world. We do not have any proof about pollution from the plant, just whatever the company says. My information for this letter all came from a handout from the consultants, and two lectures I have attended, one at McHale and the other at Memorial.

Doranne Heimlich