February 13, 2014

PUBLIC FORUM: Time to move forward Indiana


---- — Time to moveforward Indiana

The Indiana General Assembly has arrived at the halfway point for the 2014 legislative session. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

HJR-3, the No. 1 priority for Gov. Mike Pence and Speaker Brian Bosma, continues steamrolling its way through the process. It is now in the Senate, where it will be heard in Senate President Pro-Tem David Long’s Rules Committee.

But while HJR-3 remains active, many critical bills that address an array of Indiana’s challenges seem stalled for this session:

• Increasing the minimum wage

• Expanding access to pre-K for every child

• Implementing equal pay for equal work

• Creating the Indiana Goes Back to Work Tax Credit

• Developing a tax credit to keep STEM graduates living and working in Indiana

• Expanding health care access for Hoosiers

• Reducing rapes and sexual assaults on women

• And defunding bureaucratic bloat.

Gov. Pence and the GOP legislative leadership have lost focus and confused their priorities.

This session should be about creating jobs, helping struggling Hoosier families, and improving the quality of life in our state. Instead, bills championing an outdated and out-of-touch ideology have devoured much of the time and effort of our legislators. Not to mention the cost!

The GOP’s constant pandering has Indiana stuck in neutral.

Paul Ulerick

Cass County Democratic Party chairman