May 26, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Walton’s May Fest a big success thanks to many


— The May Fest last Saturday was a huge success. We probably had the most visitors ever for one of these events. The word was that every street had multiple yard sales. The feedback that I got suggests we also had the most yard sales ever.

I know at the Lions’ Den we sold about any food item we could prepare. Our donuts were such a hit that we ran out early. The same thing happened with the tenderloins. We ran out by noon and had to switch to fish and fries.

We appreciate all of the work Walton Main Street Association and the Walton Lions’ Club did to make this festival such a big hit. A big thanks to Mac Martin who led most of the effort to get this festival done. We especially want to thank all of the patrons who came to our community.

Gordon Southern