August 4, 2013

PUBLIC FORUM: Letters from Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013


---- — Fundraising, not grantsor taxes pays for art

Logan’s Landing wants to clarify that the art pieces on Market Street and Broadway between 3rd and 5th streets were purchased through funds received from Dancing With Our Stars and donated by a local artist, not through grant money or taxpayer money.

Establishing Logansport as an arts-friendly community is viewed positively by many residents and visitors to our community. Logan’s Landing is pleased to have been a part of this effort.

Becki Harris

Executive director

Respect is earned,not just given away

I’m reading between the lines, but the point of Seger Mathew’s letter (July 31) seems to be that he isn’t given the respect he deserves. What he seems to miss is that respect is earned over time.

He chafes at the notion that we’re judged by the groups we belong too. Why? Leaders are a reflection of their community; people want to know the person. In addition to community involvement being the right thing to do, these groups also help increase social connectivity; they help build relationships and trust in each other.

In the 8 years I’ve been involved in the leadership of the Democratic Party in Cass County I’ve seen plenty of people with “big ideas” come and go. They come in with the big idea, and they go when faced with the task of implementing their big idea. People don’t want “big idea” guys; they want action and dependability. Obviously dependability takes time to prove.

He questions the value of “family names.” I suppose as a person with a well known name I may be overly sensitive to this point; or it may be that I’m proud of the work my family has done in this community. We’ve earned that respect over the last 30 plus years (and none of us were born in Logansport.)

Nor was Mike Fincher from Logansport; together he and Mrs. Fincher have dedicated their lives to improving Logansport. They didn’t name a ballpark for Mary Kay because she was the mayor’s wife; they did it to honor her long commitment to the community, specifically youth softball.

If Mr. Mathew wants to tackle an inequality, let him tackle the inequality of a system that allows an exemplary public servant like Dawn Conner-Kraud be tossed aside by machine politics. Let him protest the silencing of leaders who have earned their seat at the table only to lose it for putting their community first.

No, Mr. Mathew seems to believe he’s earned the right to jump to the front of the line we’ve all taken our turn in. While it’s not unusual to see a leader jump the turnstile, I’ve never seen one that had to demand it be removed for them. The ones who have earned the right to do so usually jump it on their way forward; never noticing it was there in the first place.

Matt Meagher


Thanks for choosingus for fundraiser

A Cause For Paws would like to thank the Old Style Inn and the raft race committee for choosing us as this year’s fundraising recipient.

We would also like to thank all the sponsors and everyone who donated time, money, gifts and services.

We can not possibly know who they all are but we are very grateful. The donation not only helps us spay, neuter and vaccinate the animals, it also helps with large medical bills of some of the dogs and cats.

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all you do. Thank you.

Lisa KennellCause for Paws

Thanks for helpingdog in need of care

Roses to the family on Ind. 25 south of Fulton who rescued the injured dog in the middle of the road (this occurred on Monday evening of July 29).

This sweet dog was obviously in serious condition, but alert; and a good Samaritan stopped and removed the dog from any more injury.

I don’t know what happened to the dog, but even if it did not survive, at the very least it was cared for in the end. Thorns to whoever hit the dog and kept on going instead of stopping to assess the situation.

Debbie Baker