January 17, 2014

[friday]: It's time for a new git-fiddle


---- — Few people wake up on their day off and say, “Hey! I think I’ll buy a guitar today.”

Or maybe they do. I don’t know. I don’t usually go stalking random people on their days off only to ask them just as they wake, “Hey dude, what do you really want to do today?” They give people restraining orders for that.

But I decided to buy a guitar this week. I’ve played guitar since before I was a teenager. My hands were just barely big enough to wrap around the neck of the guitar – you know, the part you strangle with your left hand while you’re playing. It’s such a violent hobby.

But I own an acoustic guitar – the kind that folk singers play, without any electronic parts to them. Think of them as retro. It makes them sound cooler than they are.

A few months ago I told myself, you play in a band. You need a proper guitar that will plug into the amplification system. “Need” is a relative term, you know. But this need was important enough that I started saving for a new guitar.

I’ll spare you the details about the guitar I saw at the store. Suffice it to say, it was the most gorgeous acoustic-electric guitar there. I knew as soon as I started picking the tune “Dust in the Wind” that it was The One.

Guitar shopping works like dating, see. We all talk guitar specs and compare soundboard designs, but in the end, you just know. I can only assume that shopping for muscle cars is the same way. Just add a sprinkling of technical-sounding terms, like double overhead cam or solid rosewood fretboard … I mean dashboard.

The new instrument has been a great inspiration to practice this week, as has the prospect of this weekend’s Acoustic Round Robin at the Logansport library. If I can go, I’ll be able to show off the guitar and hang out with people who would be almost as excited about it as I am.


– Sarah Einselen

[friday] editor / Giddy guitarist