March 14, 2014

[friday]: A cure for cabin fever


---- — Biking weather in March is like the town of Star City… blink and you’ll miss it.

When the weather warmed up a little last weekend, I acted like I’d succumbed to a bad case of cabin fever. I was breaking out in outdoors equipment all over the place. My head swelled into the shape of a bike helmet. I needed the cure fast.

Fresh air cures everything, right?

So I took my bike for a quick spin Friday after work — the first ride of the year. I’d have been out on it earlier, but I don’t exactly relish the idea of using my bike as a snow plow. “Hey, look! The sidewalk’s clear now … well, a 3-inch-wide path is, anyway.”

Somewhere, somebody makes miniature snow plows to attach to front bike wheels. They’re probably shaped like the cow-catcher on a train. Just think of the fantastic muscle tone you’d get from riding a bike with one of those stuck on. Try to ignore the imaginary soreness.

Or even better — get a yellow bike and put on a black cow-catcher, and voila! You have a Boilermaker bike!

I just hope no actual cows get in the way. I’m not sure my bike would survive one. (I might not either. But first things first.)

Fortunately I didn’t need a miniature cow-catcher to make headway last week. There were lots of puddles, though. I practically rode through Lake Michigan on High Street on my way to Riverside Park. All that was missing was a few seagulls and a lighthouse.

The street department should buy a few lighthouses to put up around the big puddles. Like traffic cones, you know.

I got to check out the new walking bridge at Riverside Park on my spin — the one that crosses the Eel River now. I half expected it to be in shambles after the ice jam a few weeks ago, but there it stood, strong as ever.

I have to give it credit. If I’d had a mass of ice barreling down at me, I’d probably have run away lickety-split.

Good thing I’m not a bridge.

Sarah Einselen

Friday columnist / Would rather be biking