February 7, 2014

[friday]: Swimming with mermaids... er, children


---- — It was family night at the YMCA pool in Logansport.

I don’t have children. But I do have My Little Friend, a 9-year-old little girl. And boy, does she love to swim.

Seriously. On one of our excursions to the pool, we spent more than an hour tossing a Frisbee back and forth. You’d think she’d get bored of catching the same small flying disc minute after minute … or not catching it. My aim is pretty bad.

But nope. She’s grinning ear to ear every time I look forlornly at the miniature disc sinking slowly to the bottom of the deep blue sea. OK, the shallow cerulean pool. Whatever.

I’m not even sure what color cerulean really is.

So I took My Little Friend and her sister to the pool again this week. First off, I hadn’t been in the Y since they finished remodeling much of it. Everything looked different. What was this, an alternate dimension? Should I be watching for Marty McFly any second?

We finally made it into the pool – and at first, it felt warm. Not hot. Just a few degrees above tepid. Hey, at least it didn’t feel like the snow did. Have you ever taken off your snow boots only to step in the tiny bits of snow that fell from your boots? You feel almost as disheartened as the Broncos in the fourth quarter.

It only took a few minutes for the pool to start feeling cold, though. My Little Friend, however, thought it felt just fine. I suppose it’s further proof of my allergy to cold temperatures.

So we kept swimming back and forth across the shallow end of the pool. Me, I’m above 5 feet tall, and I’m a confident swimmer. There’s no deep end that will faze me. My Little Friend, however, may as well be a dwarf. And she is scared to float. (Yet she loves swimming. Go figure.)

Eventually I talked My Little Friend’s sister into watching me jump off the diving board. I suspected she’d want to do it after she watched me do so … and I was right.

Then we just had to assure My Little Friend that she’d be safe jumping off of it, too.

By the end of the excursion, we were cold but proud of ourselves. We’d all jumped in the deep end.

– Sarah Einselen

Friday editor / Friend of a mermaid