January 31, 2014

[friday]: If only it were warm outside


---- — Idon’t know if I ever knew the meaning of stir-crazy before.

I survived the first cold snap this month with no problem. Two days without leaving my house? A breeze. That’s what books are for. And five-hour-long versions of the novel “Pride and Prejudice.” With live tweeting. I feel like if Jane Austen were alive today, she’d totally execute her piercing social commentary via 140-character miniblogs.

This time, it was different.

Day No. 1 of Operation Snow Day started out with shoveling the driveway only to find out I would have nowhere to go. Everything got canceled. But even though I’d lost an hour of sleep to shovel early, I found out about the cancellations before struggling into a cute outfit. Sweatshirt and jeans FTW!

I played on my new guitar. I did laundry. I logged onto Facebook. I cooked something fresh for lunch. I scrubbed something off of the basement wall with bleach.

Yep. I started to lose it.

There’s only so much time a person can spend within the same four familiar walls. So I decided to try reading my book. Losing myself in a story about a teenage Zorro is so much more enjoyable than losing my mind.

Well, it worked. For an hour. I hadn’t even gotten to supper yet and I was going nuts.

I was saved by a new episode of my second-favorite British TV show (it’s “Sherlock,” if you’re really that curious). But I still had to conquer Day No. 2.

And to do that, I made The List.

The List had about 10 things to do that I’d been wanting to do for weeks or months. Such as, take down the Christmas tree. Hey, at least it came down before Valentine’s Day.

One by one, the projects and chores got checked off The List, until there was just one left to do.

Catalog my books.

It’s times like these I think I ought to have become a librarian. After all, the musical “The Music Man” made being a librarian-musician cool. I could totally have dance parties in the middle of the history section.

Or not.

I think I’ll just go back being a hobby librarian and arranging the 170 books in my living room by category.

Told you I was stir-crazy.

– Sarah Einselen

Friday editor / Finally outta there