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December 31, 2013

OUR VIEW: Taking the good with the bad

Logansport had plenty to celebrate in 2013, with it being the city’s 175th birthday year and all.

Organizations all around town hosted celebrations and events throughout the year in honor of the city’s big day.

For our part, we published a year-long commemorative edition chronicling the city’s history. We felt it prudent to start tracing the city’s history before it was incorporated as a city. It was interesting to see how we became a city and to meet the people who made it happen.

We kicked off the series by looking at the day Indian trader Alexander Chamberlain first laid eyes on the area of the confluence between the Wabash and Eel rivers in 1826. We’re pretty sure he couldn’t have imagined today’s Logansport, even in his wildest dream. How could you imagine the city we travel every day be possible from the stretch of water and wilderness that lay before him? But, clearly, it was possible.

As the next 175 years played out, the city transitioned and changed with the times and became what we call home today. Along the way, it’s highly doubtful that every person saw every development as a positive change. As our commemorative series played out over the months, we saw how some changes in our history proved to be divisive and others seemed to pull the community together.

Each time the city faced another flood — and there were many — we came together as neighbors and pulled each other through. As news spread of tearing down the train depot or selling the steam engine, we watched as those same neighbors turned against other.

So it was interesting to see how changes over the last year had those same effects on our community. In putting together today’s 2013 Year in Review, we were reminded of how current issues have driven neighbors apart. From annexation to two-traffic downtown to a proposed new power plant, the city had its fair share of battles in 2013.

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