December 15, 2013

OUR VIEW: 175th celebrations drawing to a close


---- — Tonight, McHale Performing Arts Center will play host to a homegrown and home-focused production — “Birth of a City,” featuring none other than Logansport.

It’s the grand finale of the slate of celebrations that a coalition of local organizations has put together to honor the 175th anniversary of Logansport’s founding.

With the voices of more than 40 people portraying prominent figures in Logansport’s history, a script written by local author Garry Williams, original music composed by Logansport musician Sam Piercy and the whole shebang directed by Doug Schlabach, the project depicts not only the history of Logansport, but its heart as well.

This city lies at the junction of two rivers, was named for an American Indian chief and these days is supported by a deeply-rooted manufacturing and agricultural industry. But it’s more than that.

It’s a city of families whose last names keep popping up both in its history and its life today. It’s also a city where some residents are new, planting roots that may grow into towering sycamores in the town’s future.

It’s a city whose history the city council considered important enough to warrant a $2,000 investment this month, too.

No one’s arguing Logansport has had a perfect history. It hasn’t. But there is plenty to be proud of. Some of our greatest glories are not in never falling, but in getting back up every time we do — as Confucius might have said.

Take some time today to think about what you know of Logansport’s history and how you can learn more about it. You just might be surprised.

THE ISSUE "Birth of a City," a production about Logansport's history from founding to the present day, takes place tonight. OUR VIEW Take some time today to think about what you know of Logansport's history and how you can learn more about it. If you go: WHAT: Original production of "Birth of a City" WHEN: 7 p.m. today WHERE: McHale Performing Arts Center, 1 Berry Lane COST: $5