August 9, 2013

OUR VIEW: Getting 18th Street crossing back on track


---- — Until now, we didn’t think it was possible for drivers to be thrilled at news reports of a road closure. But given the reaction to our report on the impending improvements to the 18th Street crossing, we stand corrected.

Readers took to our Facebook page to sing praises of the project that would see the sinking railroad tracks finally repaired. They fell into disrepair a long time ago and stayed that way.

They stayed that way so long there is now endless advice from residents about how to best navigate the crossing. Some will tell you to stay to the middle, and some swear it’s better to the right. And then there’s the many jokes being passed around. You heard the one about the hubcap graveyard?

The city has been doing what it can to make the crossing as painless for vehicles as possible, but given the circumstances, that hasn’t been much. And from the sounds of it, the phone has rung off the hook about it.

Dan Williams, superintendent of the Logansport Department of Public Works, said the department continues to get about 20 to 25 complaints a month regarding the tracks. It has to be frustrating.

But all that’s about to come to an end.

We have to thank Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway for picking up this long-abandoned torch. It’s pledged to have the intersection smoothed over with new tracks in the next month.

Once the materials are acquired, the company will put in the new tracks. The street department will then do all of the necessary repaving in the area. Officials say it should take about four days.

As for the rest of us, let’s do our part and not complain about the road being closed for a few days.