April 3, 2014

ANDERSON: Hollywood warping our children's minds

Jerry Anderson
Guest columnist

---- — I sympathize with the Eagles #323 situation, but it’s part of the time we live in.

They are going down the same path others have gone before, and all the others are hurting and dying a slow death. Just to name a few of the organizations: The K of C , The Masons, The Elks, The Moose lodge, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, theaters and churches. Let’s add the seasonal holidays like Easter and Christmas.

Let’s include some other things like typewriters, BB guns, and pocket knives, toy guns, bicycles, teeter totters, and monkey bars. Now let’s add social gatherings like reunions, family gatherings, visiting friends and playing a night of card games like bridge or canasta and Sunday dinners. A few miscellaneous items got lost along the way, about the same time that pride, self-respect, professionalism, morals, work ethics, modesty, personal hygiene and appearance got lost. Proper dress like suits, real dresses, hats and shoes got lost.

What started all this? All the older generation knows what caused these changes and the younger generation hasn’t a clue. They don’t know what real good times are all about. The TV shapes our present generation. The Monster TV, it sucks up every spare minute that we have, with must see news or weather or just entertainment which we use to only experience on Saturday or Sunday at the local movie theater, if you had the price.

TV started out with mostly Christian people controlling it and there were rules set in place about nudity, graphically expressive scenes of torture or blood, and sexually orientated themes. Most shows were wholesome family entertainment. But then when the old guys died off, their young offspring slowly changed it into the hideous mess on TV that we have now, not fit to watch. It has showed the young a perverted image of fun: hanging out at bars and drink every night and pick up a woman and have a party, sleep with as many as you can. Never giving a second thought to marriage, family or family shame.

The men are supposed to look like the detective who hasn’t sleep or shaved in four days with personal appearance to match, makes him look tough and ruggedly handsome. Oh! and don’t forget the manly tattoos and body piercings. The girls are supposed to look like a beautiful model with skills of a karate instructor. They must be strongly independent, misunderstood person with poor people’s clothes, body piercings, tattoos to make them look tough or wild and with morals of a prostitutes. We used to have heroes on the big screen and TV. The good guy always wore white and the bad wore black. You never saw blood on someone who was shot and my hero only shot them in the arm or had a fist fight with the bad guy. The good guy stayed married to the same woman all their life. Now the actors don’t stayed married more than a year. They are always on dope and cheating on their partners.

What the TV didn’t wreck the government did, by ruining our economy and forcing everyone to have two jobs. They made parents afraid to punish their children and limited the teachers as to what they could do. So the children grew up without any guidance at all. Then because parents and teachers couldn’t control or shape a child’s behavior, they just took everything away from them to keep them safe, almost prevented them from having a pencil. They coddle the young with free transportation to school and then complained they weren’t getting enough exercise, so limited the food they would serve them.

Kids used to be sent to their rooms for punishment and they hated it because they were taken away from the family group in the living room where everything was going on. Now they go to their rooms to get away from their family! So they can be with their fake friends on the computer and talk about things that they wouldn’t do in public. Even poor families didn’t allow their kids to go to school with holes in their cloths — they patched them. I know because I was one. Obvious the fashion designer really don’t know his facts.

The same for the directors of movies because how real police officers look like and act like. Most go home to their families, they don’t hang out at the local bar and get drunk every night. This must happen only in New York.

You can tell which side the directors are on because in just about every show they downgrade ministers and the church.

The Devil has been working overtime to capture our young people’s souls, and most don’t care!

Jerry Anderson is a Logansport resident.