August 3, 2013

KNISELY: She'll never live this down


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After writing about scaring myself stupid last week, people came out of the woodwork. I heard from readers, coworkers, friends, family, ghosts. OK, not the ghosts.

Seems like everyone has a story to tell of a time when they were scared, rarely over anything worth actually be scared about. I have heard some great stories over the last week, but one of my favorites came from my sister. I laughed (at her) so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks.

Here's her story:

She lives out in the middle of nowhere with her husband, two kids and dog. Living in a big house far from civilization normally doesn't faze her because her husband is there. But he's out of town for work, meaning she's home alone with the kids and dog.

The other night she was sitting at the kitchen island, cutting coupons out of the paper. It was a little after midnight. She heard a noise.

"You know the sound a door handle makes when you turn it all the way and let it go? The sound of it spinning back around? It was that sound!"

She froze. Completely, as she tells it. With the scissors still open in her hand, the paper hanging between the blades, she was frozen.

She finally snapped out of it and thought she'd better go check it out.

(For the record, I would have paid good money to see all this play out.)

She creeps down the hallway toward the garage door. After checking to make sure the door was indeed locked, she crept back to the kitchen.

When asked why she was creeping, she practically yelled, "I don't know!"

She went back to her stool and sat in silence again. After several minutes, she decided she was hearing things and got back to her coupons. That's when she heard it again.

This time she "yelped," as she put it. She grabbed her cell phone, thinking about calling her husband.

"He might be asleep," she said, "but if I don't wake him up and talk to him, I'm never going to sleep."

Before making the call — and likely making herself look silly in the process — she decided to venture down the hall again. Checking the door again, she found it to still be locked. She decided to head down the hallway to check on the girls. This action would put the garage door at her back, which she didn't much care for. She turned to glance at the door as she walked away, and as she was turning back toward the girls' rooms, she hit the volume button on the cell phone in her hand. Problem was, she didn't know she did it.

I'll let her words tell you what happened next.

"As I turned to go back, all of a sudden, a blue glow appeared behind me! I caught it out of the corner of my eye. I screamed and started to run, but the blue light was following me! It was right behind me! I was so scared! Sheer terror, Misty. Sheer terror is the only way I can describe how I felt."

The terror quickly melted into relief when she realized the glow was from her phone.

The relief melted into embarrassment the next morning, when she realized the noise was the crinkling release of a crushed water bottle that sat on the hall counter near the door.

My plan is to never let her live this down. This column should be a good start.

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