October 27, 2013

BIZ BUZZ: Dollar General work under way on Main Street

Store expected to hire six to 10 employees.

by Sarah Einselen

---- — After some initial research, the discount chain Dollar General is building its third Logansport retail location, a spokeswoman said.

Excavating has begun at the site at 603 E. Main St. on Logansport’s south side for a 9,100-square-foot building to include 7,310 square feet of retail space. Over the next two weeks, the corporation’s builders intend to start pouring the slab and “really getting into the nitty-gritty of the construction,” said Crystal Ghassemi, public relations manager for Dollar General.

At this point, the store’s grand opening is slated for the end of May, right around Memorial Day. “Of course, with construction progress, that can change,” Ghassemi said — “it may be earlier, it may be later.”

The corporation will start the hiring process no earlier than January for the expected six to 10 new employees who will be needed to staff the store. That process will be completed entirely through the corporation’s hiring website,

Although the exact number of employees to be hired won’t be known until 2014, at least two full-time positions are typically needed at each store, Ghassemi said, and some stores are staffed entirely by full-time employees.

Across the U.S., the company added 6,000 new jobs so far in 2013. The new ones in Logansport won’t be counted until 2014, Ghassemi said.

The south side store now under construction is structured after the company’s new template for retail layout.

“Within the last year or so, we’ve increased a little bit of our square footage,” said Ghassemi, moving the model store layout to about 7,300 square feet up from 7,200. The expansion allowed changes such as widening store aisles, she added — “just the way the whole store looks and feels is a little bit updated.”

However, as it’s now planned, the south side store will be about 300 square feet smaller in retail space than the Dollar General store on East Market Street, where 7,600 square feet is devoted to retail out of that building’s total of 8,700 square feet.

Sarah Einselen is news editor at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at or 574-732-5151. Twitter: @PharosSME