February 10, 2014

Board extends Logansport school days by one hour

The change is part of plan to make up for missed snow days

by Amie Sites

LOGANSPORT — Logansport students will have a longer school day from Feb. 17 until April 30 in an effort to make up snow days.

Michele Starkey, superintendent of Logansport School Corp., asked school board members to approve the addition of one hour to each school day during Monday's meeting.

"We don't have a lot of options but the goal is to optimize instructional time," Starkey said.

Having the extra time before testing will help the students, she said.

Starkey said the concept of an extended school day is pretty new.

"I have never had to do this before," she said.

Logansport schools have missed a total of 11 days because of the prolonged winter. State officials waived two of the missed days and one will be made by attending school on Presidents' Day. The rest will be made up with the longer school days approved Monday.

The change in schedule will come at no extra cost to the school corporation.


The implementation of an extended school day will mean the school won't have to hold classes on Saturdays or postpone the date of graduation again, Starkey said.


Starkey said she talked to other school superintendents to share ideas on how to handle the necessary make-up time. Decisions from other area schools are expected in the coming weeks.

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