February 5, 2014

VIDEO: Ice jam breaks up, heads toward Carroll County

by Mitchell Kirk

LOGANSPORT — Cass County and Logansport officials are advising those who live along the Wabash River on Wabash Avenue in Logansport to leave their homes after an ice jam forced the river to rise 8 feet overnight.

Cass County Emergency Management Agency Director Alvin Beckman said he and members of several public service agencies spent the morning making contact with residents of trailers between Wabash Avenue and the Wabash River down to Georgetown Road and advising them to voluntarily leave. He said they informed them that the rising water could create a situation in which first responders might not be able to reach them.

The ice jam, which was about a half mile long, was able to break up and flow down river where the river widened by about 11 a.m. Beckman said the ice chunks shouldn't pose any further problems for Cass County, but may do so as they flow toward Carroll and Tippecanoe counties, where the river narrows again.